About Ana & The Savage Muse

The Savage Muse is a collection of prose about the trials and tribulations of living in the Izu Peninsula, Japan from the perspective of a 30-something, extraordinarily mediocre Canadian working professional.

Most of these entries are stream-of-consciousness observations on various topics of personal interest – Japan and Japanese pop culture; science-fiction and fantasy novels, movies and video games; comic books; surfing; snorkeling; rock climbing; motorcycling; language acquisition; fitness and diet; Ru Paul’s Drag Race – mixed with (humorous) diatribes denouncing everything and anything.

Quick Facts about the Author

Languages spoken: 2 (English and Intermediate-Advanced Japanese)
Years in Japan: 7

Swimming Level: Can doggy-paddle and tread water
Climbing Level (bouldering): 4級*
Surfing Level: Beginner (started Feb. 2017)
Running Level: Intermediate-Advanced (2017 Nagoya Women’s Marathon finisher, 1-Year “Run-Everyday” self-challenge)

Ukulele Level: 3 chords

Loves: Summer and Fall, Japanese festivals, fireworks, Bianca del Rio, steak, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry shortcakes, pugs, travelling, Disney/Pixar animated movies, action-adventure video games, RPGs.



Extras: Paleo-ish; Minimalist/Capsule Wardrobe practitioner.


*Note: Japan measures the difficulty/level of climbs using the kyuu-dan system which is similar to the belt system in martial arts. That in mind, I’m like a brown belt in bouldering, yo.