Story Fragments #1

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The Rainy Day Umbrella Incident

I took one step outside of my train station to see how strong the rain was, when — in a surprising act of chivalry that could only be found in a rom-com shoujo manga — a man wrapped my hand around his umbrella handle and, in one swift motion, swung his bag over his head to protect himself from the rain before running out onto the dark streets…

…as I was about to take out my own compact foldable umbrella from my bag.

I was left dumbfounded on the entrance of Izunagaoka station, holding two umbrellas.



A dialogue on Facebook

Gene: [Lemurs] are so cute and you can walk right beside them. No fear of humans. [Smiley face]

Ana: Rather than no fear, I always thought of lemurs as having a “don’t give a fuck ’cause we know we’re the shit” kind of animal.

“See this tail? I know I’m awesome,” like the Kardashians of the animal world.

Gene: You’re probably right in that description of them. [Laughy face]



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