Super Famicom & Super Mario World Beaten!

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I had agreed to host the brother of my Mr. Man’s friend this weekend. The aforementioned brother had decided to travel around Asia in a manner not unlike Eat, Pray, Love and his first stop was a week in Japan before continuing his trip to Vietnam and Thailand. James had originally wanted to spend some time catching up with my Mr. Man, but the scheduling didn’t pan out, so he was left to tour around with me.

What I had expected was just a polite guest.  What I hadn’t expected was meeting my pop-culture doppelganger and new-found best friend.

Fast-forward to Sunday evening: After a day of touring Shuzenji Temple, a dip in a rooftop onsen with friends, and dinner at a local izakaya (Japanese-style bar/restaurant) with a 2-hour all-you-can-drink menu, we came back to the apartment to a box that contained my pre-ordered Super Famicom Mini. (Or Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini for you North American gamers.)

“We gotta play Super Mario World,” James insisted. “We gotta beat it tonight.”

It was a great idea. Then again, anything sounds like a great idea when you’re inebriated with gin and tonics and beers from dinner. I unboxed the system and made quick work of matching plug shapes in outlets and on my TV.

I circled through the games and loaded up Super Mario World. The black screen blinked and the title screen appeared. I didn’t even bother checking what other games were in the system. Hell, that’s what reviewers and the Internet is for. I had a singular purpose that evening: finish Super Mario World.

James had said before he was a gamer himself, but I was unconvinced he would be able to keep up. Super Mario World was the reason I became a gamer – it was first game I ever played. I also played it to completion as a child numerous times over. I speedran (spedrun?) through the game over and over before “speedrun” was even a coined term.

Time to show homeboy how it’s done… Or so I thought.

As it turned out, James is one-half of a two-man Youtube series on retro gaming. He knows his shit.

We were determined to finish the game that evening, so I was surprised at how in synced our plan of attack was, even though we hadn’t conferred the chosen route with one another. Then again, it’s common knowledge to anyone who knows the game that the quickest route to Bowser’s Castle is through Star Road and we would almost test each other as we completed level after level:

“Do you know about…” He started. I cut him off, “That’s why I have a cape and an extra feather, don’t I?”

I turned to him to ask,”Oh, can you do the switch one? So then, I can…”

“Finish the water level? Ok.” He maneuvered Luigi to the Green Switch Palace.

More levels in, it became apparent of our unspoken agreement: I’d pave the way; he’d finish Bowser. An hour or so later, the game was done.

My gamer heart satiated, we called it a night for we were merely two tired champions who, unbeknownst to everyone else, had just saved the world.


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  • “rooftop onsen”. Ugh…. why have I still never been to Japan.

    And I have to agree that the Star-Road is the fastest way to Bowser. SMW is still my #1 mario game. I’ve held off on a Retro System so far. I already own SMW at least 4 times… I don’t need to buy it again… *twitch*

  • Gordo> I don’t think I’m going to invest in a new game system or any other retro versions in the future. I still rock a PS3 since I haven’t finished any of the games I bought for it yet. The remaining time I have is so preciously limited that I can only afford to spend it on playing games that guarantee satisfaction, so I haven’t delved into any of the new generation/new games.

    Speaking of new games, the new COD zombie game advertisements are so obviously directed at our generation that I cannot help but LOVE their whole marketing campaign, even if I’m not a huge COD fan myself.

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